Cross-laminated timber (KLH) is produced from spruce strips that are stacked crosswise on top of each other and glued to each other with high pressing power to form large-format solid timber elements. Further product designations for cross-laminated timber are KLH solid timber boards, glued laminated timber, X-Lam, CLT (cross-laminated timber) or glulam.

The crossways arrangement of the longitudinal and crosswise laminates reduces the swelling and shrinkage in the board plane to an insignificant minimum and static strength and shape retention increase considerably.

In order to rule out any damaging pest, fungus and insect attacks, in compliance with the European Technical Approval, only technically dried wood with a wood moisture of 12 % (+/-2 %) is used to produce KLH solid cross-laminated timber boards. Any timber laminates are subjected to quality control before their use.