KLH solid wood panels are offered in three standard surface properties. Special finishes are available upon request and subject to availability and technical feasibility.

Non-visual quality (NSI):
Visual quality is not recommended solely for non-visible parts, which are boarded on both sides. The top layer corresponds to a quality BC jointed and planed.

Industrial visual quality (ISI):
By default the industry for quality is performed on one side, one-sided version of this interface on request. Industrial visual quality is suitable for industrial land, but not for vision in the living room. For the industrial zone is one-sided view sorted pine slats of quality B, is sometimes used finger-jointed.

Livingston visual quality (WSI):

For the live visual quality of the layers glued glued panels in the usual width of 1.25 m or breitenverleimte used finger-jointed lamellae of quality AB. The visual quality of living will by default run on the front of the plate - double vision residential areas on request.

Specific surface (S):
Pine, Douglas fir, pine, spruce and other surfaces on request subject to availability of raw materials fins.